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Die Studie insgesamt will zeigen, wie differenziert Rembrandt mit Vorbildern umzugehen vermag.

Author: Salvatore I. Editors: Patrick Baker and Christopher S. The work of Lorenzo Valla has enjoyed renewed attention in recent years, as have new critical editions of his texts. One of the most interesting interpreters of Valla, Salvatore I.

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Camporeale, O. Author: Thomas M. How much of our own self- interest should we be willing to sacrifice for love of another? The Quietists answered, all of it, even the salvation of our own soul. Opposing them were the Jansenists, including Arnauld, who saw self-interest as inescapable. The debate thus highlights interpretation of the Cartesians, especially Malebranche, a prominent participant in it. Nevertheless, this is the first book on the debate in English.

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