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Chavalan-Sut is among a number of immigrants taking sanctuary at houses of worship who have received letters from immigration authorities threatening them with huge fines under the latest move by the Trump administration. If God thinks that with my hands I can pay that, give me a job. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office for deportation. She crossed the border into the U.

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She said her decision to emigrate and leave her four children behind came after her house was set ablaze. But she believes it was linked to a dispute over land rights because she is an indigenous woman, her immigration attorney, Alina Kilpatrick, said.

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Chavalan-Sut said an area fire official declined to investigate because there were no fatalities. Forty-five people currently live in sanctuary at churches across the U. Like Chavalan-Sut, both women received notices of fines.

Her Sanctuary creates unique space designed just for women

The three letters were signed June Attorneys, activists and faith leaders have decried the fines. Wesley Memorial joined the sanctuary movement after an immigrant rights activist contacted the Rev. Isaac Collins asking for help. Since seeking sanctuary, Chavalan-Sut has been able to talk to her children, now ages 7, 11, 14 and 21, for an hour a day, making sure the youngest ones do their homework.

The oldest is now pursuing a degree in civil engineering. She left them all under the care of a family in Guatemala City.

Her Sanctuary

She weeps thinking about them. The devout Catholic participates in Sunday services at Wesley Memorial with the help of a Spanish translator.

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  8. She prays daily, and tends to a garden of flowers, herbs and vegetables. She sews headbands and bags using fabric that a son mailed from Guatemala.

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    At least one volunteer guards the church property around the clock. People take turns buying her groceries. Some are helping her learn English. All volunteers have been instructed to ask for a signed warrant should immigration officers show up. First, Ali switched her major from mechanical engineering to animal science. Her friendship with Sho meant so much to her that she decided to dedicate her life to making a better world for all cows.

    She also worked at the dairy where Sho lived, which allowed her to spend as much time with her favorite cow as possible. As Ali embarked on a new path in her life, so did Sho: motherhood. Ali proudly watched her mature from a rambunctious, stubborn calf into a devoted, loving mother cow. Over the next eight years, Sho had several healthy pregnancies and remained free of mastitis. What impressed Ali most, however, was the way that Sho gave from her heart. As I was petting Sho afterward, I was struck by just how far Sho was willing to protect her people.

    Sho saw Ali as part of her herd, and for cows, these bonds can last a lifetime. Sadly, they rarely do in the dairy industry. Even in the best of circumstances, cows live just a fraction of their natural lifespans — up to 25 to 30 years when given appropriate, individualized care.

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    Some female calves grow up to be dairy cows like their moms, and they may live a few years. But since boys cannot make milk, they are of no use to the industry. They are sold at auction for meat. Some are killed while they are still young for veal. No matter how well these dairy cows live — how much space they have to roam, how much organic grass they are fed, or the quality of veterinary care they receive —they are valued only for the commodity they provide until they can no longer provide it. Then, they too typically go to auction and slaughter.

    The more time that Ali spent with Sho, however, the more she knew that Sho — and all cows — deserved so much better.

    They deserve the same love, care, and protection that we give to our pets and to each other. And, just like us, they deserve to stay with their loved ones for life. While on her usual walks, Virginia met and fell in love with Pippi — a tiny, premature calf with severe pneumonia and a heart condition, thought to be terminal — and coordinated her rescue and placement with Farm Sanctuary. Both Ali and Virginia hoped that she, too, could find her happily-ever-after.

    Thankfully, the dairy agreed to place Sho in our care. At Farm Sanctuary, we helped Sho, renamed Princess, transition from a dairy cow to just a cow.