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The BIG 4 Comic Publishers Submission Guidelines

Chic Young's Blondie became a successful series of live-action films for Columbia Pictures, followed up by an intended series of live-action films based on Frank King's Gasoline Alley. Image Courtesy of Whirled of Kelly. Walt Kelly chose several of the cleverly-worded doggerel poems sprinkled throughout paperback collections of his Pogo strips, and let composer Norman Monath construct tunes around them. Comics Strips on the Small Screen When television proved a success, a whole new landscape of opportunity opened up for comic strip adaptations.

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Meanwhile, entire blocks of new Popeye television shorts were created for both local and syndicated television packages. Image Courtesy of Mashable.

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Television also became the perfect platform for an entirely new format of animating comic strip characters, beginning in A Charlie Brown Christmas premiered as a half-hour special on CBS, launching over fifty television specials, an animated series, and four feature films starring the Peanuts characters created by Charles M. The television specials turned the already popular strip into a cultural phenomenon, the success of which continues to this day.

A tremendous part of the unique charm of the original Peanuts specials was the jazz underscore written and performed by San Francisco Bay Area musician Vince Guaraldi.

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  • After fifty years, his original composition "Linus and Lucy" stands out as the best-known music based on a comic strip, and has since become an American standard. Image Courtesy of Streetlaughter. Image Courtesy of New Line Theater. Album Art for Billy and the Boingers: Bootleg. Artwork by Berkeley Breathed. One exception to this was Aaron McGruder's groundbreaking strip The Boondocks , which was developed as a series for Cartoon Network's [adult swim] block of evening programming.

    In line with the strip, the animated series took a slicing satirical view through the eyes of McGruder's adolescent protagonist Huey Freeman, who retains a harsh view of modern society in contrast to the extreme beliefs of the characters who surround him. The Boondocks animated series ran for four seasons, garnering critical acclaim for its sharp writing and hilarious, but brutal honesty. A Vanishing Breed. The rest of you are not so lucky. If you want SA to carry your self-published comics in their store — send them a copy.

    They may not want 15 copies at once, but they want to make sure that they can have your comics ready to re-stock from you without a long wait. SelfMadeHero is a proud supporter of graphic novel talent from the UK and beyond, welcoming submissions from both new and established creators. Before you submit your work, make sure you are familiar with what they publish. If it is a collaborative project, SMH prefers to receive pitches from writers and artists who have already agreed to work together.

    If you have written a graphic novel script, please send a synopsis along with the script itself to submissions selfmadehero. Sell your work in their shop on consignment. Most of the books in their catalog were previously self-published before SS re-issued them, with the rest coming from experienced creators they already have a working relationship with or whose work they admire. Soaring Penguin Press is open for submissions of graphic novels, or individual, self-contained stories for inclusion in Meanwhile… Submissions may be made by email or by post and can be in whatever form you feel best presents your work.

    For individual comic stories for consideration for inclusion in Meanwhile…, please provide the entire story. For graphic novels, a sample of the artwork is acceptable in the first instance together with a synopsis of the story and an indication of story length and how close to completion the graphic novel is.

    Do not attach and send image files to their email addresses. They cannot accept scripts or plot synopses unless they are accompanied by a minimum of completed pages i. So you want to work for AD? Artists : They want to see if you can tell a story, not paint an album cover. Send black and white layouts of comic strip work based on the characters of AD.

    The 100 Pages That Shaped Comics

    Only send copies — never originals! Writers, artists Ink currently has open submissions for writers and artist who are looking for a project to work on, as well as complete projects ready to go to print. Markosia is now accepting comics submissions for works that have been previously unpublished in the UK. They are also now publishing prose novels of all genres, so if you have an unpublished novel or one that you now have the rights back to then please contact Harry at harry markosia.

    Preference will be given to projects that have all creative team members in place.

    It can be very time-consuming finding artists, colorists, and letterers for individual scripts. One submission per team at a time. Project Submissions Your printed books need to be at least 40 pages; they will print short form comics electronically, but their focus is on collected editions and long-form comics or graphic novels. Individual Submissions. Markosia is still looking at submissions from writers, artists, colorists and letterers for designated projects.

    Writers : they want to see a fully realized script from you. At least a page script. These must be completed in a readable comic format. They want to see at least five sequential art pages. Preferably from a couple of different stories. Also, send over books you have already been published in.

    Try to show a variety of work so showcasing as much of your skill base as possible. Letterers : Send through some examples of your lettering via sequential artwork. All submissions to be sent by e-mail. They publish fully realized, creator-owned projects. Please include the following:. They will review art submissions, should the opportunity to pair creators arise. Aftershock is currently only accepting submissions from pencilers and colorists.

    Each Ahoy Comics magazine will include at least one piece of short fiction or social commentary. Ahoy seeks smart, weird, funny articles or stories, which run between and 1, words. They want short fiction for mature readers, pieces that uphold the story-telling legacy of comics.

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    It could be a delirious rant, a personal anecdote, a tale of horror or even poetry. They have a soft spot for submissions with a dash of humor.

    KUROKUMA - "Dope Rider" — Houdini Mansions

    These stories can be political, but they must not be based on events that might be outdated by the time of publication. Whatever the subject, it must still be relevant a year from now. Also, the 1,word maximum is pretty much carved into stone. The ideal length is about words, give or take. Writers will retain full rights to their works.

    Ahoy maintains the right to publish on their site and to reprint the story in a trade compilation or anthology. If they decide to reprint it, they will pay another 25 percent of the original fee. This is an opportunity for serious writers to reach the most voracious readers of fiction on this planet: the people who buy comics.

    Examples of published work could be used if applicable. If you wish to submit your own original series, start with a one-shot or a 3- to 4-issue mini-series. Avatar Press is a leading independent company which publishes a wide variety of comic books and is currently seeking out additional creators — both new and established — in a number of categories:.

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    ARTISTS : Avatar Press is always looking for talented freelance artists, and often has a range of work in a wide variety of subjects and genres available. If you have a web page or online gallery of your work available, sending Avatar Press editor-in-chief William Christensen a link to that is a good place to start. Your submission should include a wide range of samples, showcasing all your abilities. They want to see panel to panel continuity storytelling , as well as illustrative work pin-ups, covers, etc. Avatar will consider penciled and inked pages, penciled pages so long as the pencils are tight and clean , fully-rendered pencils grayscale tones , and painted pages.

    We require dpi files colored in CMYK with correctly trapped linework. All genres and styles will be considered. Include an overview of the story, a detailed plot synopsis, sample script pages, character designs, and sample art pages panel to panel continuity.